Someone recently asked me about why I have so much passion after all these years about helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their sales and profits. There are a couple reasons, one is I grew up in the business world, it’s in my blood I guess you could say. I started in business when I was 19 years old.

As I got older, I realized what was missing from so many businesses for them to go to the next level. When I owned my first business and was a member of different associations, I got to see first-hand, they either didn’t know or didn’t feel they had the skill level to do what was needed.

Now I see many looking to move into retirement or at least slow down how much they’re working. This past week reminded me of this question for you. When is YOUR 4th of July, Your Independence Day?

I’m working with more than ever on positioning their business to run without them. Growing their sales, their average sale and their profit margins, AND we are working with many putting systems into place with the future in mind so that they’ll have more Independence, and even position their business to sell so they can walk away one day. BTW, I’ve worked with more than ever, to help them sell their business than at any time.

Here’s what I know, if you want to be able to have more Independence, it usually requires you to make changes. These changes WILL make you uncomfortable, in the beginning, BUT think about what happens if you do NOT make the changes, OR will you continue doing the same old thing you have been for the last xx years?

How’s that working for you?

I know firsthand making changes was VERY uncomfortable and at times I wanted to say screw it. My employees initially fought me, but I stayed the course and it changed my business AND my life. I was able to take my business and my income to the next level. I was able to do the things in life I wanted to with the people who are most important to me.

Over the years, I’ve been able to help business owners gain Independence and success. I love being able to help in that way, like person who thanked me for helping him grow his business so that “for the first time in 7 years he could take a vacation”, or the guy who when he started working with me was living on the third floor of his sister’s double house and grew his business so that he could build a new 3200 sq. ft. home and who’s business went from $650,000 per year to over $2 million a year!

Those examples are just a couple of reasons why I’m still so passionate about what I do.

Oh Yeah and there is the business owner in Pennsylvania whom I helped to sell his business for $72,000 (a 24% increase) more than what he was originally prepared to accept. BTW, he walked away with payment in full, i.e. he didn’t have to hold paper.

When is your Independence Day? If you don’t have one, it’s time to make changes! Continuing to do what you have been doing won’t get you different results. The bottom line is- the clock is ticking…


I’m not trying to sound arrogant but I’m the guy who can help you get to your Independence Day, I’ve been doing it since 2001, I’ve developed several different programs over the years that are proven to work. Not everyone’s situation is the same, to find out how/if I can help you get you to where you want it to be email or call my office at 440-783-1651 to set up a time for us to talk.

“Are you worried this call might be a waste of time?” I know you are skeptical and thinking the phone call will be nothing more than a sales pitch. Here’s what one who called us about their business –

“I saw Dan Cricks offer for a free call and I jumped on it. I’ve been following his material for a while so I know that he is the real deal, and it would be stupid to pass up. We spoke about a specific situation that I am going through, and Dan suggested 4 specific ideas I know are going to be valuable and I plan on implementing right away. He also perused my website ahead of the call, which I was not expecting him to do on a free phone call! He gave several suggestions on how I could improve it. If you get a chance to speak with Dan about your business, I recommend you don’t pass up the opportunity.”

Dan Cricks,

P.S. Still NOT Sure, give us a call 440-783-1651 and we’ll answer your questions.