Some Make a Bare Living, Only a Few are “successful”


There’s GOOD News!


It Doesn’t Have to Stay That Way!!!


If you answer yes to one or more of these questions below and especially if you have been answering yes for months even years, it’s time to give us a call at 440-783-1651.


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Is being in business much harder than you anticipated?


Is business so erratic that you find it difficult to plan for the future?


Is the return on your business less than the time and effort you put into it? 


Do you feel alone and isolated in your business with no one to turn to for help?


Are you always busy and often stressed?


Is it costing you money to own your business?


Do you sometimes feel as though you own a job instead of a business?


Do you have a good business but need some help to take it to the next level?


Call or email Lois in my office now and she’ll set up a time for us to talk to see how I can help you have the type of business want and even improve your personal life.


You can reach her at 440-783-1651 or via email – , put in the subject line – Help from Dan