I’m going to attempt to hit you straight between the eyes today with this message about goals.

Flat out, I think just about everyone goes about it all wrong, especially those bee-bopping around pretending to teach people about “goal-setting.”

To me, and I think to any successful person, we believe in “goal setting”, but we’ve got a different name for it.

It’s called – Goal DOING.

I know, a revolutionary concept.  Here’s the lowdown on goal-setting in 3 parts:

1.  People talk about goals, write them down, and do all of that part fairly well.  Problem is, they talk about them as if they are ‘dreams’, ‘hopes’, ‘wishes’, not GOALS.  You know the saying, I’ll just remind you here: “a goal without a plan is just a dream.”

And sure, that’s part of it.  Writing them down is important.  But, having a plan to make them happen, even more important!

The big thing everyone wants to ignore is that most people say, even write down, their goals, because it makes them feel good. Feel productive. Feel like they are ‘on their way.’

Then, when weeks, months, years go by, and the frustrations build, the disappointment mounts.  Not to worry… we’ve created a way to handle that, too – it’s called…

CHANGE YOUR GOALS.  Seems silly huh?  But in reality, it’s the cycle we all fall victim to from time-to-time.

Part 1 is, yes, you should write them down.

2. Next, and I know you’ve heard this too – Have S M A R T Goals.  Which is great, and certainly an advanced strategy.

Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Results-oriented / Time bound goals

And there are slight variations to this, such as “relevant” or “realistic.”  But all in all, those 5 things are great in terms of setting the goals that might actually happen.

Still, if you notice, there’s one piece missing – HOW WE ARE GOING TO PULL THEM OFF?

More than the Plan, it requires Action.

Part 2 is, follow the SMART goal setting philosophy.

3. Now, for the important next step.  Part 3.  First, let me remind you that most people think goal setting in and of itself is an ‘accomplishment.’ 

So, the first thing you have to do is realize and accept the fact that goal-setting is the beginning, not the end. READ THAT AGAIN!  If you don’t ever plan to actually achieve (doing whatever it takes) the goal, then don’t waste your time setting it in the first place.

But, if we’ve decided you’re serious, then here’s what happens next.


1.       WRITE down your goals

2.       Make SMART

3.       Now create an IMPLEMENTATION PLAN or a ‘realization’ plan if you will

You don’t always have to know how you’re going to finish. But you must know how you’re going to start and maintain flexibility when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  What are the steps you’ll take, the actions you will put in motion, and all the resources you will employ?

Here, let me give you a few ‘trigger’ words that will hopefully help.  This will give you something to apply to your 2016 -17 goals, right now. 

Yes, you can set goals at times other than at year’s end or year’s beginning!

I – Immediate, do something immediately

M – Motion, get in motion

P – Purpose, act with purpose

L – Leverage, look for leverage

E – Employ, employ all available resources

M – Momentum, build momentum

E – Expect, expect to have to make adjustments

N – Next, always ask (and be thinking about) what’s next

T – Today, no matter what, think about what you can do, TODAY

I hope that gives you some ideas on turning your goals into realities.

Just don’t settle for the warm and fuzzy feeling of simply having goals.

Make them with intention and dedication.

And remember; while the majority of people don’t even set goals, the majority who do never accomplish them.

Either way, even if you set goals, if you don’t actually achieve them, you’re still sitting among the majority, who I’d like to stay away from if I were you.

If you would like more information on how Dan Cricks of Results Marketing, LLC can help you with a plan to implement and achieve your goals contact Lois about private consulting opportunities at: Lois@GreatResultsMarketing.com.