I have heard you say a hundred times that people use the excuse “But Dan, your ideas won’t work, my business is different…” Well, this might truly be an instance of a business that is different, but I thought you would like to know that your ideas did work, and for a great cause.  I have the responsibility for putting together a food drive for our church to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy families in our community.

This year’s donations were coming in very slow, both in non-perishable food and monetary donations.  We had used our typical templates for reaching out to the congregation to remind them of our drive, with less than stellar results.  Well, last Wednesday I attended your marketing workshop that focused on advertising, which provided some great pointers on how to construct effective ads.  I immediately revamped the e-mail blast to the congregation incorporating as many of those elements that I learned in the workshop that I could.

The results were phenomenal, as our collections far exceeded our expectations.  Not to minimize the goodness and generosity in peoples’ hearts, but I honestly believe that what I learned in your workshop made a huge difference in the success of our drive. Thanks Dan!

Reiner Mueller
Liberty Capital Funding