You know a lot of photographers are having a tough time right now (the internet). Well since getting involved with the Dan and especially the mastermind group my business has exploded!

I haven’t time to totally crunch numbers yet as they are still calling.  I know it is a way better response and income than last year though.

I am sure a lot of it has to do with the improvements in my copy.  Oh did I mention that I am sending out an 8 page sales letter to teenagers!

The sales letter is greatly improved this year and I even had one senior that said she read my 8 page letter 4 times!  Dan and The mastermind group played a huge roll in making my campaign better and kicking me in the butt and forcing me to be accountable to the group and myself!

I’m now at the point where I had to hire someone to help me and I no longer have to take in much of the type of business I really don’t want to do!

Paul Floyd
Paul Floyd Photography
Mogadore, OH

P.S. BTW, this year I’ve exceeded all of my business goals which has allowed my wife and I an additional vacation just for us, thanks again Dan.