Oh, Momma – get the smelling salts…

When the country first learned of the government lock-down to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 spread, many thought it would last two weeks and everything would return to “normal”, i.e. the way they were before coronavirus.

I immediately began to sound the alarm, realizing that if the lock-down would only last 2 weeks, the damage it would do would be bad and long-lasting.

At the time, I was looked at as alarmist and some told me to just chill out, it is only two weeks and we’ll be fine. Here we are going on three months and we are anything but fine. Those long-time consulting clients who had been following my business advice and continued to follow my advice are doing well. Some are just flat-out blowing the doors off, even those who were ordered to close the doors of their business.

Too many were caught flat-footed, not knowing what to do, not realizing that sitting at home “working puzzles” with the family wasn’t going to put money in the bank account. Uncle Sam said, “don’t worry, we’re going to help you.” We should have known then it was going to be tough to come back.

Some decided NOT to heed advice and just wait things out and take an “everything will be okay” approach. Many are still waiting.

For me, I immediately went into help mode, offering free consultations to our TME members. Many took advantage and walked away with action items.

Tough times demand action, not waiting around. Those taking action, continuing to market and stay in touch with their clients are coming back, many are doing well.

If you’re still waiting for the government to fix it, it may be too late. If you’re stuck, get some help to get unstuck; it may be the best investment in your business you’ve ever made.

Bottom line – you can’t wait any longer to take action and getting your business, not just open, but rolling again.

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