Whether We Like It Or Not There Is More Change Coming

You’ve often heard the only constant in business is that things keep changing. Many changes have been necessary due to the pandemic, many changes happening faster than most are comfortable with.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know make changes rather than fight them. They change before they are backed into a corner and forced to make changes. They change sooner rather than later so they are NOT playing catch up! Of course, you don’t change what is working for your business, you may tweak and or update it but don’t stop doing what is working.

Not making some of these changes quickly WILL cost you customers and money.

It has begun happening, customers are pushing back against taking away personal interaction with those they are doing business with. They accepted it early on, but most are not thrilled about it continuing.

This is especially true of trust-based businesses.

In many cases working from a distance with customers will result in lost opportunities for add-on sales! UNLESS you make a concerted effort to overcome the “distance” and the impersonal feeling it creates.

This is an especially important time for your staff to have with first time customers! This is where the foundation of the relationship begins. This is where your staff SHOULD be asking a lot of questions and demonstrating to the customer that they are listening to them – EVEN if it’s from a distance, with a mask on or completely via phone.

I know the changes brought on by the pandemic are necessary BUT we have to recognize they may be hurting your ability to maintain and grow your relationship and trust with your clients, especially first-time customers.

It may require a concerted effort, including a little brainstorming with your team to figure out ways to keep it from having a negative effect on your customer experience.