I’ve been a member of the Cleveland GKIC Mastermind Group since it’s beginning back in November of 2006.  All I can say is Wow!  I am an experienced marketer and have been for many years, but in all of those years I’ve never had the opportunity to hand my sales material to a group of people that can quickly and accurately tell me what I need to change.  They amaze me!  In a matter of minutes they make me realize that it doesn’t read the way I intended it to.

In these meetings we honestly and openly help each other, and the help we give and receive is priceless.  Not to mention all the other things we learn.  Life changing information is exchanged at every meeting.

When I first considered joining the group I quickly did the math in my head.  $319 divided by 30 days a month, comes out to $10.63 a day.  Which means that I only need to increase my business income by $10.63 a day to benefit from attending these meetings.  $10.63 and a day!  At the very first meeting they showed me where I could find an extra $72,000 a year in my business. Now, thanks to their help and input I’m working on a strategy that could add as much as $240,000 a year to my business!

Yes, those are big numbers and I’m not asking you to believe them.  I just want to ask you a question?  With a payback of only $10.63 a day, why would you not join this mastermind group?  It’s by far, one of the best investments I made in my entire life.

Mike McGroarty