Managing and Monitoring Your Online Reputation

“I Love it When a Plan Comes Together”

You may recognize where that quote became famous, but many of you won’t. If you don’t, get on your smart phone or iPad to find out.

I recently invited all of you to a cost-free webinar where I talked about managing and monitoring your online reputation. I also talked about the importance of online reviews from your clients when it comes to your business showing up in Google Search results – or NOT showing up when “ready to buy” prospects are searching for your local business.

Thanks to that webinar I was able to help a client get notified immediately about negative reviews that had been posted about his business and save him from having those reviews sit without any kind of a response and causing negative consequences for his business. What he got from the webinar did exactly what it was designed to do!

As a result of that webinar, I had a business owner from the west coast sign up for the program. Just a couple of months after joining the program, he contacted us to let us know that there were a couple of negative reviews posted about his business on some outside sources. Because he invested in the program, he was immediately notified that these reviews were posted.

Consequences of Negative Reviews

This is similar to a story I recently shared with you about a friend who was put out of business last year due to a negative online campaign waged to gain revenge against him from the family of an ex-employee who was terminated. It was going on for about 6 months before he realized why his phone quit ringing. He had been in business for 19 years without a blemish. He was not a coaching client.

Why is this important? Because had the coaching client not participated in this program that automatically monitors what is being posted about his business and notifies him about it, he may not have been aware that these negative comments were sitting out there, or he wouldn’t have been aware right away. Few business owners check what’s being said about them online in any regular way.

Here’s what makes the coaching client’s story even more important. His business is located in Silicon Valley, where a huge segment of the population spends a lot of time online and uses the internet heavily when it comes to making buying decisions.

This business owner was able to post responses to these negative reviews immediately, helping to offset the effects of them.

WARNING: All businesses should have a way to monitor their business’ online reputation and to do it regularly. This isn’t only for online businesses!

To learn how you can avoid being a victim of negative comments online about your business, and to get what Google loves and wants from your business to help your search results, check out the FREE webinar here is the replay link —


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