Make it as easy for your prospects to respond as possible.

Call our toll free number. Fax our toll free number. Go to our website. Email us. If you want them to return something to you Ways to Respondvia snail mail, provide them with a return address envelope – this is especially true if you’re sending a request for a testimonial, per the Complete No-Brainer Client Follow-Up System©.

One of the best ways to make it easy for your prospects to respond is to give them several ways to take action such as via phone, fax or email.  Give them the options they are most comfortable with.  For example, if your prospects are younger and urban, they’re more likely to respond via a mobile device like a smart phone so having the option for them to text to you could boost your response rate significantly. Some people may not have easy access to fax and some are not comfortable using a computer so email isn’t for them.

Make it easy for them to respond and they are more likely to do so.