In the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing 14 tips to make sure that your advertising copy works.  Each is important and, when put all together, will transform your marketing results.

Number one: Translate features into benefits.

Don’t just give information and assume that the reader will interpret.  For example, front wheel-drive is a benefitsproduct feature on an automobile.  In advertising that car, it would be a great mistake just to say that and assume that the reader knows why front wheel drive is a desirable feature.  The advertising has to go on to explain the benefits of front wheel drive-safety, improved cornering, improved braking, better mileage and so on.

This is one of the reasons sales letters are so powerful – you can take the time/space to elaborate on why the buyer would want or need your product or service and what they will experience once they have purchased.  Be specific and use phrases that the buyer will relate to, not just a list of specifications.  For instance, “improved braking” is good but “improved braking keeps you and your loved ones safer” helps the buyer connect with the benefit on a more personal basis while “better mileage leaves more money in your pocket for other things” allows them to visualize what they might do with extra cash.