I have been in Dan Cricks’ GKIC Mastermind Program for about a year, and what a year it has been! I am on track to double my business this year, and I owe much of that success to Dan and my mastermind experience with him.

The benefits of being in this mastermind are almost too great to verbalize – enhanced confidence and focus, better implementation, working “on” not “in” my business, modeling what has worked for others, camaraderie, ability to avoid “bright shiny object” syndrome, improved mindset about what’s possible, and much more!

I highly recommend Dan and his program to any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to achieve more and break through self-imposed barriers! The results speak for themselves…your return on investment in this experience will be phenomenal. Oh yeah, and it’s a great group of fun people too!

Kris Murray, President
Child Care Marketing Solutions