I have been a member of Results Marketing LLC since October, please note that is only 6 months.

If I needed to point to the one thing I have gotten the most out of as a member of Results Marketing LLC it would be a sounding board.  I email Dan constantly.  He helped me set goals; provided me with ideas on how to reach my goals, and checks back with me to find out if I am achieving my goals.  When I was ready to hire another technician I ran interview ideas past Dan, I had a problem with the AAA mailing and Dan gave me advice on how to get around the problem.  I even email Dan when I start to worry that my balloon might bust because my numbers are too good to be true.  Did you notice I hired another technician since using Dan’s system?

The information from Results Marketing LLC that I have used has always worked.  Some of that information would include the Short-Cut to Success System, town money saver ads, newsletter inserts, AAA letter, new client kit, technician ad, and monthly conference calls.  Basically I am never afraid to use any marketing material Dan provides me with.  Plus all of this is so easy to use, all I ever do is change the name, address and phone number.

If you were wondering why I am so happy with Dan’s system I have a very sweet way of showing you:

A 4th Quarter increase of 50.4%
A 1st Quarter increase of 66.5%

December showed an increase of 53.2% over last December I competed with Santa Claus and sales went up.

Who couldn’t use a 58.45% increase in sales over what is suppose to be our slow time of the year?

Of course the greatest benefit from Dan’s system has been !increased cash flow!  We have purchased new equipment, spruced up the shop and still have a considerable amount of money in the bank for a cushion.

As an added note Dan, our business wasn’t having financial problems, we own our building, we take vacations, we weren’t swiping our credit cards to make payroll.  When we decided to go into business for ourselves we were looking for our income to increase, and we were not able to generate more than a 5% to 7% yearly growth.

We needed help if we were ever going to achieve anything other than a mediocre income. Thank you for providing that help!

Thank you,

Jerrie Downes
Murrysville Auto Clinic, Inc.