2024 is a chance to “Finally” get off that treadmill of doing the same things and expecting different results.


You’ve heard many times “You don’t know what you don’t know”


One of the best ways to get off the treadmill and find out what you don’t know about your business is by utilizing other business owners and entrepreneurs, whose only goal is to help you succeed.


That’s what a Napolean Hill/Dan Kennedy style mastermind is all about. On a regular basis (every other month) you meet with your mastermind group to get and give “honest” help with whatever ideas and challenges you may have with your business.


Another way to describe your mastermind group is they are part your own board of directors and part peer advisory group.  The power is that the mastermind group can lift your mind and vision so you can see things that you otherwise could not.


Do NOT stop reading without seeing how low the investment is to be able to be part of this Elite Cleveland Mastermind Group!


The “big secret” is that great minds DON’T always think alike. That’s why most all successful leaders say that their biggest success secret is being an active participant in a Mastermind group with other highly motivated, action oriented and smart people.


If you have never been in a mastermind group, all I can say is that good Mastermind groups are simply amazing.  The power of the collective intelligence and energy is exhilarating.  It is certainly “fuzzy math” math because 10 times 1 equals 100!


Owners and CEOs of the most successful companies in the world are part of a mastermind group and credit it for their success. Here is your opportunity to tap into the power of that tool.


Don’t be intimidated by the word “Mastermind”.  All the members are “normal” folks.  You’ll have a tremendous feeling of support and “esprit de corps”.


Don’t miss the opportunity to make 2024 the year you made your greatest breakthrough by joining the Elite Cleveland Mastermind Group.


Click here to learn more about the Elite Cleveland Mastermind Group or you can call our office at 440-783-1651 or email Info@GreatResultsMarketing.com


Dan Cricks,

Results Marketing



P.S. Here are a few comments from members about how the Cleveland Mastermind Group has helped them grow their business.

“The mastermind group helped me create a multi-step customer reactivation campaign. The encouragement, feedback and accountability were massive. After several months of suggestions, tweaking and testing we produced a consistent winner. This multi-step sequence gave me a $23 to $1 ROI. The help on this one project paid for the mastermind many, many times over. Eagerly looking forward to the next mastermind.”          Keith Goodrum

“My business saw a 600% growth, most of which I can directly attribute to what I got from being a part of Dan Cricks’ Elite Cleveland Mastermind group. It changed my business and my life.” Ron Sheetz, RJ Media Magic

“In these meetings, we honestly and openly help each other, and the help we give and receive is priceless.  Not to mention all the other things we learn.  Life changing information is exchanged at every meeting and the investment is soooo small, it’s a no-brainer. Mike McGroarty


“I had been thinking/working on a continuity program for a couple of years. I brought it up at a mastermind meeting and they helped me finish it and actually offer it in the next few days. They took my goal and said it’s not high enough, we set a higher goal, and a week later I hit that goal. That alone paid for my investment in mastermind for over a year” Conner Brostek, Pins and Needles