Hi Dan,

I wanted to send you a email thanking you for booking dates on my radio show here in Cleveland,Ohio.

The last 2 shows you did were so informative and provided great resources for my listeners. “The Home-Based Business Show” which I do live every Wednesday, is growing every week.  I know your shows Nov.28 and Dec.12 will be two more great ones.

I have enjoyed so much our growing relationship and have benefited from the principals of marketing you bring. I have called you the “Greatest Unknown Resource” here in the Cleveland-Akron area.  But I believe so much in what you do and the incredible tips have provided so much value to business owners that I would like to offer you an ongoing monthly spot on my radio show.

The chapter meetings have been excellent as well. I would like to help you grow the local chapter meetings because part of what I like to do is bring to the listeners the best of the best.  And you definitely fit that billing. The GKIC material is excellent, and you bring it to the businesses and make its application easy to understand.  I have enjoyed a growing relationship with you Dan.  You are a professional.  I know we have gotten 2 more sign ups with your first 2 shows and I am sure that number will go up.  I know your schedule is very busy, but I hope you will consider coming on my show regularly, if only for a while.  Thanks so much for your time and what you bring to the business world.


Dale Stefancic