I joined Dan Cricks’ Cleveland Mastermind Group in January, I cannot express in words the immense help Dan and the group has been.

I have presented several info products and niche business models to the group over the last several months, the most recent being SpeakToYourCustomers.com, but it wasn’t until the November meeting when Dan and other members finally called me on the carpet and said, “CJ, we’ve been helping you with all these different business models over the last year and we STILL don’t have a clue what you are all about or what you do!”

Prior to that meeting, I told Ron Sheetz (one of my fellow mastermind members) that my goal this year was to gain clarity. Well after the reaming at the mastermind meeting, they made me finally focus on something. It wasn’t important ‘what’ it was. As Jim Straw says, “It only takes one idea to make you rich.  — So, just pick one.”

My only regret is that they didn’t get tough on me sooner. Thank you Dan Cricks and all my fellow Cleveland GKIC Mastermind members!”

CJ Bronstrup

P.S. And this ain’t fluff or puffery. I really needed the taking me to task! Thanks,