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Managing and Monitoring Your Online Reputation

“I Love it When a Plan Comes Together” You may recognize where that quote became famous, but many of you won’t. If you don’t, get on your smart phone or iPad to find out. I recently invited all of you

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CJ Bronstrup

I joined Dan Cricks’ Cleveland Mastermind Group in January, I cannot express in words the immense help Dan and the group has been. I have presented several info products and niche business models to the group over the last several

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Jeff Dettmer

Dan Cricks’ Mastermind Group can transform your business…it did mine!!  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work too, but the direction, guidance, prodding, and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY that I have experienced in this group is truly

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Kris Murray

I have been in Dan Cricks’ GKIC Mastermind Program for about a year, and what a year it has been! I am on track to double my business this year, and I owe much of that success to Dan and

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Toni Funderburg

You will improve your business, your client base, and best of all your earnings by becoming a member of the Look Over My Shoulder program. The cost is minimal and it’s completely irrelevant because just one or two additional sales

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Jerrie Downes

I have been a member of Results Marketing LLC since October, please note that is only 6 months. If I needed to point to the one thing I have gotten the most out of as a member of Results Marketing

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Ron Sheetz

“I walked away from your seminar with 3 legal pad pages packed full of notes.  I’ve studied with other marketing coaches, but their material is based a lot on theory. Results are vitally important to the growth of my business.

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RJ Media Magic

As a single-person company it’s very easy to get caught up ‘in’ the business and lose focus on where you’re going.  My local chapter meetings keep me focused on what’s really important to make my business a successful.  I’ve been

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Claude Whitacre

Dan Cricks’ MasterMind group has been the best investment I’ve made in my business education. Investing a day a month with a room full of smart interested business owners gives me the motivation and bundled experience I need to push

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John Turnbull

I have been a member of Dan Cricks’ Mastermind Group for over 6 years, ever since I first heard about it.  I have always appreciated the benefits of a mastermind group to provide the time with like-minded people to discuss

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