How many times have you had someone ask you “why don’t you…” and your thought is, “Damn, why didn’t I see that or why didn’t I think of that?”can't see the forest for the trees?

Sometimes we just get so caught up in our business we don’t ‘really’ see what’s going on. I find this to be the case quite often when working with private clients. I’m able to see things in their business that they aren’t.

One of the biggest suggestions that sees the biggest results with my private clients and my coaching clients is to change how they are doing things, change what they are doing, even change who their target client is, change they way they market.

A big change was huge for my very first private consulting client (an attorney). When we first sat down and discussed what he wanted to accomplish in the next year in his practice, I realized it would take a big change and big action.

I suggested we totally change his marketing message to a message no other attorneys were talking about. At the time it was bold and edgy. The bottom line is that the results (over 50% growth) were phenomenal for his practice.

This change is something he would have never realized or thought of doing on his own and truth be told he wouldn’t have had the courage to do because of how it pushed the limits.

Here’s the thing, based on how aggressive his goals were I knew doing one little thing at a time isn’t going to get him anywhere. He was resistant when I gave him the plan but I reminded him of why (a brand new baby girl) he had such lofty goals and then told him you have to be bold and aggressive to experience, ‘real’ meaningful impacts in your business in such a short period of time.

At this month’s marketing workshop I’m going to show you some dramatic changes for your business.

These are also the exact ones I use when working with Private Clients to make dramatic changes and enhancements in their business

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I look forward to seeing you there and for big changes for you.