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What To Do About Those Lost Customers?

Winning back lost customers is harder than keeping them in the first place.

Everybody Has Them You outta hate – and I mean hate – losing customers. Entrepreneurs that I know absolutely hate losing even one customer. What are you doing to prevent that from happening? Do you have a plan to retain your

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The Pittsburgh Tragedy Will Hurt Business, Even If…

Don't bring your business down by feeding your customers negativity.

… You’re located across the country. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a business owner and he mentioned that business was down. I asked if there was anything in particular they attributed it to. They said yes,

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Are You Taking It Personally? If So, It’s Costing You Money

Are You Taking It Personally? If So, It’s Costing You Money We’ve heard for years you have to have thick skin if you want to be in sales. You have to be able to handle rejection. Most business owners don’t

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Is The Health Care Mess Affecting Your Business?

Is The Health Care Mess Affecting Your Business? I would bet it is one way or another. You may not realize or know that it is, but… An Interesting article from AAA earlier this year mentioned that 1/3 of all

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Staying Positive = More Sales…..AND a Gift for You

Staying Positive = More Sales…..AND a Gift for You Staying Positive. This is something takes a little effort, given what is going on around us and in the news media every day, but working at it is worth it. Especially

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When Old is New…

Marketing: When Old is New Recently, while I was playing in a golf outing with a group of guys, we were waiting at a tee box and someone’s cell phone in the group ahead of us went off. Two of

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Right Message for Your Prospect

I was recently a speaker at a trade show in Las Vegas where I sold from the stage. I did so against the advice of several people, telling me what a tough crowd it was, that they don’t buy, especially

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Still Trying to Figure Out Millennials?

Those in business seem to believe that millennials are an alien group of people. A group like we’ve never seen before. That thinking is getting in their way when it comes to figuring out how to market to them. If

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The TRUTH About Goal-Setting

I’m going to attempt to hit you straight between the eyes today with this message about goals. Flat out, I think just about everyone goes about it all wrong, especially those bee-bopping around pretending to teach people about “goal-setting.” To

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Do You “Really” Have a Guarantee?

The question in the subject line may sound ridiculous! You’re thinking OF COURSE I have a guarantee; everyone in our business has a guarantee. Let’s clear the air about something – not everyone does, many because they “think” they CAN’T.

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