Attention Small-Business Owners, Take Advantage of…

…Of the upcoming Fall Season.

Here are 7 Strategies to make the most of the Season.

First, start now to work on holiday sales. The next few months may be critical for your business. The latest economic statistics are showing consumer spending dropping. This is something I have been talking about for a while. There are many factors, the inflation increase, the re-emergence of the pandemic and…

Whether you want to admit it Christmas is just around the corner. Halloween and Thanksgiving even sooner. It’s time to start planning before your customers do! If your business is to sell to retailers, start pursuing orders now.

Look at creating unique holiday sales and promotions. I’ve often talked about doing themed promotions or sales.

Second, look for opportunities to attend or exhibit at trade shows. There are some of these types of events back. Utilize these to grow your database and the get some exposure, don’t just go to sell for right now, collect database information so as the stay in front of and sell to these people down the road. Collect those interested even if they didn’t buy.

Third, communicate on a regular basis with your customers and prospects. This is especially important for you to do all year round, but you can communicate upcoming holiday sales, promotions and events.

Fourth, start working on a 2022 business and marketing plan. Start working on ideas, give yourself time to do some research, begin putting some things in writing NOW.

Fifth, get re-energized for the upcoming season. For many the summer season can be very taxing, especially if you’re one of those businesses who are dealing with staffing issues. It’s important that you stay energized, your staff gets their que from you!!!

Sixth, get help! If you struggle with marketing, get professional help, MAKE AN INVESTEMENT in your companies’ success!! If you struggle with other aspects of your business get help from someone who specializes in that area — IMPORTANT, do your homework, hire someone with a proven track record.

Seventh, protect your mindset. There is a ton of negative flowing via the news media, social media and even from friends. Do what you can to insulate yourself from as much as you can. Find a way to be around like-minded, upbeat entrepreneurs. A great place to accomplish this is by attending the No B.S. Marketing Meeting for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can get more info and register to attend at

The best thing for protecting and even improving your mindset is to surround yourself with highly successful entrepreneurs and small business owners and to be able to tap into their knowledge and experience is by being a part of the Cleveland Mastermind Group.

If you’d like information on how Dan can help you with your marketing and all 7 of the strategies mentioned or for more information on the Cleveland Mastermind Group, send an email to info@greatresultsmarketing or call 440-783-1651 to schedule a time to talk with Dan.