You’re missing valuable opportunities if you’re not utilizing videos on YouTube.   I just returned from Dallas at the GKIC Super Conference; I stayed for Sunday, the bonus day. That whole day was google-youtubeprimarily talking about the importance of using videos and leveraging the power of YouTube.

There are several reasons why you should be using and posting videos in various different venues. A big reason is, if you’re not aware, Google owns YouTube. What that means for you is that if you’re looking to improve your ranking and/or search results, Google will give more credence to a YouTube video when it comes to your website.

Another reason for using video marketing is that it’s good for your business and your website when it comes to creating and building a relationship with your clients and your prospects who may be coming to your website for the first time.  Let’s face it, most websites are pretty sterile. They have text about the business, the services you offer, hopefully your warranty, maybe some specials, and how to contact the business. I’m really surprised at how many don’t even have the owners name anywhere to be found on the website!! Some do, and some even include a little history about the owner and/or the business which is awesome.

A video(s) allows the visitor to your site to see you, hear you and get a feel for you, because they’re hearing your voice and getting a little feel for your personality.

Just like any marketing tool, there are some key elements to getting people interested in your videos. To learn what the #1 thing you want to have in your video the get views, and to get response from the people watching it, you’ll want to attend this month’s Marketing Workshop. There are two things that are killing response. At the workshop you’ll discover what those two things are and what should be included as part of your video.

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