…Something none of your competitors have is You and YOUR story. Sharing your story properly will help you gain trust, respect and a connection with your clients/customers/patients and prospects.

Consumers want to feel the person they do business with is someone they know, think they understand, mostly agree with, respect and admire, and are interested in. Your job is to help them feel as though you’re that person!

Gain Trust, Tell Your Story

The best way to gain trust with your clients & prospects is to tell your story. The one thing you have that nobody else has is YOUR story. Everybody has a story; no two stories are the same. There is a lot you can leverage in your story and no, you don’t have to share the details; you shouldn’t.

Sharing your story with your clients, helps them feel more connected to you, it allows them to relate. Some of the most successful campaigns I’ve helped business owners develop and profit from have had to do with their business’ story or their personal story.

The same is true of new prospects; they are more likely to buy from someone they feel a connection with or someone they feel like they know.

It doesn’t even have to be your story directly; we’ve had business owners’ talk about their kids’ accomplishments or story. One client in Texas let people know that he and his daughter went on a missionary trip to South America. Today, people still regularly ask about his daughter.

Another kept people up to date about the birth of his first child and when the baby arrived he received bunches of well wishes and even gifts for the new baby. It helps to humanize us as business owners, especially when many politicians are vilifying business owners as greedy and not wanting to “pay their fair share.”

Your story could be about your grandkids or about your hobbies. If you like to fish, if you like to what's your story?play golf, if you like to camp or hunt or…

People love hearing your story; maybe tell them about how or why you got started in business. I have a client who is a printer; he often talks about how his dad started the business years ago in the basement of their home and describes it as a hobby that got out of hand. Today they have a highly successful printing business. Over the years I have uncovered some fascinating stories that people didn’t even realize they had.

One story I told to new prospects produced over $47,000 in my bricks and mortar business. The story came to light after a conversation I had with someone I was in a networking group with.

I’m recently worked with a client whose company is celebrating their 100th year in business, that’s a huge story in any business especially when you look at how few businesses survive even 20 years in today’s environment. They weren’t even mentioning it in their marketing.

Leverage Your Story

I have a friend who went from “broke and physically abused” to one of the most successful women in the fitness world today! She leveraged her story to create millions of dollars’ worth of business. I recently had her speak at an event that I hosted; you can get the Home Study Course from that event and Donna’s story, to see firsthand how she is leveraging her story!

By the way, it’s not really an usual story; it’s one many women begin with, but few leverage it like Donna has! Click here to see for yourself

We all have stories. Use yours to improve your positioning with your customer base and to attract new customers to choose your business over your competitors.


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