Attention: Anyone who has employees or vendors.


Due to the painful shortage of quality candidates, we’re seeing more businesses hang on to employees they normally would never keep on their staff. The thinking is having him/her here is better than none. I understand.


But something critically important is to make sure you’re double checking their work and even how they’re interacting with your customers and other team members.


Just a couple of mistakes getting out can really hurt the reputation you built and protected for years, very quickly. It’s almost like playing Russian Roulette. It’s critical

that you stay vigilant when it comes to keeping an eye on your subpar employees.


Here’s just one example of work done by a subpar employee.

This subpar auto tech was supposed to do an inspection on a customers car, but did NOT do a thorough inspection, two days later the customer was in a fatal crash. It was all over the news and, of course, they mentioned she had just had her car serviced at ZYZ Auto Repair and they were supposed to have checked the brakes but turns out the tech did NOT.


If you’ve been looking for a “quality” help for a while, maybe it’s time you try a different approach!


If you are tired of wasting money & time on help wanted ads trying to find “quality” candidates to apply, I recommend using some different strategies. We’ve had a lot of success helping our clients go where the types of candidates they want to attract are via using multi-media to reach them.


This is a comment from a business owner on why he invested in Our Help Wanted Advertising Kit.  “I gave up running ads and have not run any for three or four months. I never had any luck with Zip Recruiter. I used to have the best luck with Indeed but that dried up about a couple years ago. I was running ads on Craigslist nonstop but never get any decent responses, so I quit that a few months ago.”


He then resorted to hoping a someone would see his sign outside his business and stop in or call. As you probably guessed, that didn’t work.


Using this different approach we were able to help 4 different businesses find 5 quality employees in a matter of 5 weeks!!!


Our approach is NOT for everyone, if you’d like to find out if we can help you email – use subject line Help Wanted Help