There is a trend developing that’s making people shake their heads and police departments frustrated.frustrated young woman on cell phone

More and more people are calling 9-1-1, the number to reach police and fire in an ‘emergency’, but they’re calling for many different reasons. One such caller in Florida called to complain that the local McDonald’s was out of chicken nuggets!

Or the Texas man who called because he couldn’t get a cab, or the one in California who called to find out why the transportation department hadn’t mowed the grass. NBC news has report that “9-1-1 systems are choking on non-emergency calls.”

Why is this important to you?   This trend is growing, say experts, because more and more consumers are developing an attitude of being more dependent on the government for just about any & every thing they need or even want.

If you’re looking to get them to make a decision to buy your product and/or service, you have to talk to them about the fact that the government isn’t going to be there to solve whatever the problem/issue is.

This is especially true of millennials but not only them. The more you know about your ideal client, the better able you’ll be to target them, talk to them and to get them to respond to your message.