It’s finally ready! You’ve heard me talking about this brand new program, nothing like it currently exists for small business owners.

This program is about YOU being able to bring in more of those “ready to buy” prospects to your shop. These are prospects that are out there searching for your products and services online — 94% of New customers* search online to find local businesses, including yours.

If you haven’t heard me talk about this yet, I’m glad you’re seeing it now! I wouldn’t want you to miss this great opportunity. With this program, you’ll be able to improve your online presence, manage your online reputation and improve your SEO rankings so that your business stands out among the 10 other competitors that show up on the search page.

  • Protect Against Negative Reviews
  • Get Unlimited Customers
  • Monitor Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other Review Sites
  • SMS Review Notification
  • Email Review Notification
  • Works On Mobile & Tablets
  • Pre-done (3) E-mail Requests
  • Pre-done Video Thank You
  • Click to Outside Site Share*
  • Click to Share via Social Media*
  • Pre-done Rant E-mail
  • Automatic Notification of Negative E-mail


The online competition by the box stores, franchises, and super sites for those “ready to buy”  is already getting fierce! The last thing you want to do is to get further behind of the competition. This new program will give you the ability to not only compete but to stand out from the competition.

With this new program, you will be able to see results from your online searches in less than 30 days. Google changes things almost daily, so it’s easy to get behind if you don’t act.

Think about this statistic from Neilson & Comscore, “90% of consumers who search online for a local business take action within 24 hours!” Think about how many of these “ready-to-buy” prospects your competitors are snatching away from you every day!

There is a one time set up fee of $299, and this includes the first month’s fee. With Micro-page, it’s $399. This is a 90 day commitment. After 90 days, you may cancel at any time via fax or email.

Your Investment Includes

Protect Against Negative Reviews getting posted publicly
Unlimited Customer Reviews
Automated request for reviews to be posted to other sites (i.e. Google+, Yelp, FB, etc.)
Monitor Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other Review sites
SMS Review Notification
Email Review Notification
Works On Mobile & Tablets
Pre-done (3) email requests
Pre-done video Thank You, automatically sent
Click to outside site share*
Click to share via social media*
Protect against negative reviews
Pre-done rant email
Automatic notification of negative email
Negative review response rant page

*Sign Up below by Clicking the option, which includes  your monthly or annual payment option, and setup fee or setup fee with Micropage.*

Your Investment

Annual Fee
With Deluxe SetUp
$399 + $1,098


Monthly Fee
With Deluxe SetUp
$399 + $119


Annual Fee
With Basic SetUp
$299 + $1,098


Monthly Fee
With Basic SetUp
$299 + $119


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