Month: February 2013

What About The Elephant?

Just about every organization has that ‘something’ about their business – “elephants in the room” – that is causing them to lose sales or stops repeat business.  Sometimes they can’t see them, other times they won’t. Oftentimes, we know all

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How Can You Develop Raving Fans?

In our last post, we talked about how consumers today are looking for new experiences, not just transactions.  In today’s turbulent world, people are hungry for a sense of connection and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles gives that to them. Let’s talk about

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What Should Your Business Have in Common with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?

I wonder how many of you are thinking what the “hell” does a motorcycle usually connected with gangs have to do with my business?  A lot, actually, so stay with me and keep reading. First of all, Harley is no

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