Year: 2013

Why What Disney Does is Important to YOU and Your Business!

People want to escape what’s going on around them, especially all of the negative garbage that is very difficult to escape. We can’t do much about that or how often the media reports it over and over again. Here in

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How to make the season of giving profitable for your business

I see it all the time, small business owners are some of the most generous people out there, in many cases, way more generous than they can really afford to be. Small business is where the kids go to get

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Why discriminating is good for your business…

Yeah I know, discriminating is illegal in many instances but not the type of discrimination I’m going to talk to you about. Not only is it NOT illegal, but it will improve response rates and profitability in your business if

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Why 9-1-1 Calls Are Important To You [Marketing Tip]

There is a trend developing that’s making people shake their heads and police departments frustrated. More and more people are calling 9-1-1, the number to reach police and fire in an ‘emergency’, but they’re calling for many different reasons. One

Make Sure Your Advertising Copy Works #6 – Respond Options

Make it as easy for your prospects to respond as possible. Call our toll free number. Fax our toll free number. Go to our website. Email us. If you want them to return something to you via snail mail, provide

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Boston Bombings, Cleveland Kidnappings and…

You may be wondering why I’m talking about the Boston Bombings, Cleveland Kidnappings and YOU? Actually there’s a very good reason, hang with me. I’m sure you’ve seen all of the news coverage on the Boston Marathon Bombings, you may

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Make Sure Your Advertising Copy Works #5 – Call to Action

Tell your prospect what you want them to do, give them a Call to Action! Many ads are written, letter, email, or reminder sent, without a way for the prospect to take advantage of your offer (give you money.) It

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Make Sure Your Advertising Copy Works #4 – Testimonials

Use testimonials in all of your ads. It is always far better to have someone else singing your praises, even if you are ten times more eloquent at doing so. If you are not using testimonials in all of your

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Make sure your advertising copy works #3

Number three: Communicate Creditability Creditability can be demonstrated by a variety of criteria depending on your customer and target market.  For some, the length of time you’ve in business says everything about your credibility, while for others the size of

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Make sure your advertising copy works #2

In our previous post, we started a series of 14 copywriting tips for making sure your advertising copy works.  Here’s the next core concept that you need to keep in mind as you are writing your marketing copy. Number two:

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