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In this blog, I’ll share my best tips and tactics for marketing your small business, online and offline, using evergreen marketing principles and innovative techniques.

When Old is New…

Marketing: When Old is New Recently, while I was playing in a golf outing with a group of guys, we were waiting at a tee box and someone’s cell phone in the group ahead of us went off. Two of

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Right Message for Your Prospect

I was recently a speaker at a trade show in Las Vegas where I sold from the stage. I did so against the advice of several people, telling me what a tough crowd it was, that they don’t buy, especially

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Still Trying to Figure Out Millennials?

Those in business seem to believe that millennials are an alien group of people. A group like we’ve never seen before. That thinking is getting in their way when it comes to figuring out how to market to them. If

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Are You Leveraging Your Best Asset…

…Something none of your competitors have is You and YOUR story. Sharing your story properly will help you gain trust, respect and a connection with your clients/customers/patients and prospects. Consumers want to feel the person they do business with is

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Consumers Want to Feel Like…

…The company or person they do business with they know, think they understand, mostly agree with, respect and admire, and are interested in. Your job is to help them feel as though you’re that person! The best way to gain

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Oh No, Not the Clydesdales!

Anheuser-Busch recently announced they would NOT be using the Clydesdales in this year’s Budweiser commercials. Their stated reason was that the millennials (21-27 year olds) don’t know about the Clydesdales and they don’t have a connection to them, thus they

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Stop Using Testimonials

That’s a bit of a set up statement. Testimonials are still an important part of marketing and they do work, just not always as effectively as they once did. I once sold 42 coaching slots on one day during an

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Can You See The Forest For The Trees?

How many times have you had someone ask you “why don’t you…” and your thought is, “Damn, why didn’t I see that or why didn’t I think of that?” Sometimes we just get so caught up in our business we

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Being About More Than…

Businesses traditionally advertise two things that are killing their response. Their service and/or their product! We get so enamored with our business, what we do and what we offer, that we only talk about those things in our advertising/marketing. What

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The Shrinking Middle Class and You

We know statistically that the middle class in terms of spendable income is shrinking and shrinking quickly. I don’t want to get into the politics of why it’s happening, the important thing for you to know is that it’s happening.