Jeff Dettmer

Dan Cricks’ Mastermind Group can transform your business…it did mine!!  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work too, but the direction, guidance, prodding, and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY that I have experienced in this group is truly priceless.

I look forward to Mastermind Day all month long.  It is incredible to have a bunch of smart people all helping ME with MY business.  I could not afford to keep this group on my payroll…Mastermind is the next best thing.

In the past 3 years Dan Cricks’ Mastermind Group has helped me to launch several businesses within my business as well as transform my core business.  It has been a truly transformational experience!!!

…and I’m not done yet!  There is so much more I plan to accomplish through Dan Cricks’ Mastermind Group.  Thanks to Dan Cricks and all the other Mastermind Members. You are the best!!

Jeff Dettmer
Berea Printing Co.


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